The comprehensive DEFEM mesh trays system developed by the Swedish company WIBE (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC) meets fully the most demanding requirements for these technologies. The main advantages of this system are extreme flexibility and minimal number of accessories (connecting elements, etc.), which facilitates assembly and speeds up any manipulation. Compared to standard cable tray systems, DEFEM is characterized by significantly higher carrying capacity, durability and safe work load. The system is available in three versions, hot dip galvanized for outdoor installations, electrolytically galvanized steel for indoor installations and stainless steel in AISI 304L and AISI 316L grade for use in aggressive areas or in areas of high hygiene requirements. DEFEM mesh trays system has certificate by Norwegian Veritas Classification AS, fire certificate from Pavus, a.s. and certificate from the EZÚ Praha institute.



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Besides this system, you can also find STAGO optical or metallic cable management systems. These are non-perforated trays with a higher degree of mechanical protection than wire trays.

We offer the following dimensions:

  • height 60 and 110 mm
  • width 100 - 300 mm (bespoke made up to 600 mm)
  • length 3000 mm


Interesting parameters:

  • higher load capacity than non-metallic trays
  • minimum number of connecting elements
  • surface treatment - usually painted in RAL color according to customer requirements, other methods can be used
  • use especially in data centers

wide range of accessories for the complete installation of optical lines


A cheaper option for construction of cable raceways are the storage systems of the Spanish producer AISCAN. The AISCAN range includes wire trays (mesh) and classical perforated and non-perforated trays in all surface treatments - electro galvanizing (Sendzimir), hot dip galvanizing (according to ČSN EN 1461) or stainless steel in class AISI 304. An interesting thing is the new ECOIRIS surface treatment method developed by AISCAN. This method combines the economical benefits of Sendzimir surface treatment with the qualitative advantages of hot dip galvanized systems.


Dimensions of trays:

  • height 35, 60 and 100 mm
  • width 100 - 600 mm
  • length 3 000 mm


The wire trays come with by AISCAN's newly patented system for connecting the individual parts marked UNIFAST, which enables faster and easier installation and a significant saving in material.


Racks are shipped in disassembled state and they are assembled directly on the installation site.

Are you building a new technology room and need to equip it with racks for your devices? If so, we have a solution for you in the form of a sophisticated program of the CombiRack and U Bar stands. CombiRack stands are available in three basic heights of 2000, 2200, 3000 mm and the most widely used depths of 600, 800 and 1000 mm. Other sizes can be custom-made and if you are unsure about the size of the rack, there is nothing easier than ordering the U Bar profiles, cutting and assembling the required size on site. The assembling frame guarantees you the standard width dimensions of 19 inches or ETSI (535 mm). The offer of all dimensional rows is extended by the possibility of delivering CombiRack in an assembled or cost-effective disassembled condition. Selecting the type of a rack really depends on you. Together with the racks, we offer several types of shelves, cable holders, assembling profiles, cable trays and other necessary accessories. We will be glad to assist you in choice the optimal solution for your application. If you are interested in consulting or sending catalogues, please contact the sales department of SITEL.