Zdeněk Pilich
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Offer of comprehensive services

  • we offer our customers proposals, project and operation management from data rooms to full data center constructions
  • we provide services for complete management and maintenance from the cleaning to the inspections (Facility management)
  • internal protection of buildings
  • we provide BMS (Building Management System)
  • we have built and kept two data centers in Slovakia
  • we have built a data center in Prague (CE Colo image), which is currently integrated into the T-Mobile data center network. Access to the Data Center is ensured by SOS SITEL staff


Individual care for your needs

SITEL offers the possibility of placement of the servers in the rooms of the internationally acclaimed CE Colo data center, located at Prague 10, Nad Elektrárnou 1428/47 Street, meeting the most demanding standards for the placement of telecommunication technologies. In the modern CE-Colo data center there is termination of the transport lines of many transit operators providing their services in the territory of the Czech Republic. In addition to wide offer of IP connectivity providers, the main benefits are the neutrality, stability and high security of the data center. Irrespective of the number of devices you install, you can also take advantage of one of the leading data centers and interconnection junctions in Central Europe.

The main advantages of our "SERVERHOUSING" services include:

  • placement of the servers in high-tech rooms (air conditioning, automatic extinguishing with inert gas, supply AC 230V and DC 48V backed up with UPS and diesel aggregates)
  • variable server placement options - "shelf" mode, shared rack placement, custom lockable rack or part of it
  • possibility of directly dedicated foreign connectivity, allocation of PA addresses, BGP routing, backup DNS, MX ...
  • IP connectivity offered in the international transit range of 1Gbps, direct connectivity to NIX = 1Gbps and to SIX 100Mbps, with the possibility of selecting other providers operating in the area
  • 24/7/365 supervision and monitoring center, easy accessibility and trouble-free parking
  • possibility of remote reset or off / on server
  • possibility of negotiating remote-hands services provided by professional technicians present in the 24/7/365 datacenter
  • possibility to set up an analogue or digital line for modems or the wireless link placement - very good visibility, built masts for wireless technologies