Technical support

Ing. Pavel Černý
TEL: (+420) 267 198 230


For the right decision, as a rule, we need to have enough quality information. For current and new customers, we provide services to help them make this decision. Our long-term experience, daily verified on the projects being prepared and realized at home and abroad, our own corporate development, activities in a number of professional working groups and contacts at universities provide us with enough information and experience to offer consultancy services.


Upon agreement with the customer, we process information about the selected area - location in several levels of detail. This must be directly checked – the current state and the available electronic data about it. Everything is then processed into a document that will give the customer a clear and summary look at the considering investment site. The document, prepared by us, usually contains this Information about the area - locality:

  • type of the buildings
  • discovered competition in the area
  • potential of registered companies
  • block of flats owners – their structure
  • the definition of the risks identified by the area inspection and the information found
  • technical proposal of network solutions
  • a summary, including an indicative estimate of the proposed solution cost

Before processing, the customer must always agree with the rules according to which area has to be assessed and what is the expected proposal of the solution if the customer has an own idea.


We provide technical consultations for everyday use to our customers. These consultations not only concern our own products and other supplied products. It is also possible to recommend activity procedures that rely on our own experience in the construction of electronic communication networks and thus make the "best practice" for the customer.


For those who do not have a clear idea of how to technically solve some issues or look for state-of-the-art procedures and technologies, we are able to provide not only technical consultations, but also a design of technical solution. We participate in a wide range of development activities, and because we also cooperate with a range of universities, we are able to prepare our customers a solution that will have the best possible parameters for efficiency of construction and operation