SITEL provides its services in the field of wiring related to construction of communication networks but also in the field of separate "power installations" such as:

  • public lighting of both classical and LED
  • in production and industrial halls
  • technological devices, production lines, work machines
  • in special healthcare facilities
  • in housing estates and villas
  • backup power supply lines and energy centers
  • low voltage connections, lightning protection systems and earthing
  • reconstruction of wiring


Commercial activity – offers
TEL: (+420) 267 198 347
E-mail: obchod@sitel.cz

Technical support Bohemia (low voltage)
Radomil Audy
TEL: (+420) 267 198 414
E-mail: raudy@sitel.cz

Technical support Moravia (low voltage)
Ing. Pavel Procházka
TEL: (+420) 602 689 029
E-mail: pprochazka@sitel.cz

Lately, demands for comprehensive public lighting solutions started emerging. Using the technology of remote monitoring, such solutions allow not only to regulate the intensity of lighting but also to monitor the state of individual light units. This leads not only to energy savings, but also to optimal illumination of the place around the installed light point, depending on the time of the day and traffic density. From the supervision point of view of the entire lighting system, modernized lighting sections can be gradually added to the overall lighting management system of the city.

We´re also watching new trends not only in the intelligent LED lighting, but also in an intelligent wiring such as room lighting that responds to the intensity of external light and can, for example, control and reduce the power of the lights located near room windows against the lights installed close to the doors (offices, school classrooms ...). Our activities include everything from finding the customer's ideas, through the proposal of an optimal technical solution to its implementation. Warranty and post-warranty service, technical support and consultations are selfunderstood, of course. We cooperate with reputed design offices that specialize on design of state-of-the-art LED lighting systems.