Construction of ICT technologies

SITEL facilitates construction of telecommunication systems on cable networks at all levels - from backbone over metropolitan to access network. The services include not only the building of systems in xWDM, SDH, PDH and TCP / IP technologies, but also a versatile customer support from design of telecommunication network, project documentation, supply, installation and putting into operation to as-built drawings. Installation of an internal cabling, supervisory and power supply systems including a backup power supply (battery) is an integral part of construction of large telecommunication systems. This also applies to the area of data networks in buildings including structured cabling.

Wireless networks provide additional services to cable networks. Rapid construction and mobility of participants are the main advantages of wireless networks.  SITEL provides turn-key construction of wireless networks in microwave waveband technologies as well as WiFi and WiMAX access networks. It also participates in construction of cellular networks of some mobile operators. As with the cable systems, the company is able to provide warranty and post-warranty service for the above-mentioned technologies.


Commercial activity – offers
TEL: (+420) 267 198 347

Technical support Bohemia
Ing. Vít Kodr
TEL: (+420) 267 198 427
Fax.: (+420) 267 198 222

Technical support Moravia
Ing. Pavel Procházka
TEL: (+420) 602 689 029


With some nostalgia, you would also find with us an old manual converter. It reminds not only us, but also our visitors, how fast the area of communication is developing. It's been just a few decades when the P51 stepping connecting systems were still installed. For example, when the children's department at Motol Hospital was established, there was a rail version of the P51 and also some more modern convertors with operator.... We flew in a few years together with the modernization of telephone networks, despite their short coexistence with IP networks, right up to Next Generation Access (NGA) based on packet-transmission, offering all services (telephone, text, image, audio, video, and data) in one network.

But we are not nostalgic and we are approaching new technologies and new challenges professionally. We look forward to your new projects as well as all the technological innovations.