For Over 20 years we have been providing earthwork, laying and blowing of cable lines. It is the basic preparation of lines for construction of cable networks, both metallic and optical. We provide activities throughout the Czech Republic and abroad, such as Slovakia, Austria, Poland and various parts of Russia. In the field of this activity we have not only rich experience and knowledge but also well-experienced employees.


  • construction of cable raceways
  • restoring networks of individual operators, incl. public negotiation
  • optical and metallic interconnections for individual operators and public administration
  • blowing microtubes
  • Calibration and pressurization of microtubes and HDPE protectors
  • surveying and troubleshooting
  • blowing the optical cable and microtubes into the existing optical cable (the diameter of the protector and the existing cable brings limitations)
  • blowing bundles of fibers, microcables, optical cables, metallic cables from 1 mm to 32 mm cable diameters into the protectors from 5 mm to 50 mm diameters


Sales – Offers
TEL: (+420) 267 198 347

Technical support Bohemia
Ing. Jaroslav Stolovský
TEL: (+420) 267 198 418

Technical support Moravia
Vladimír Holík 
TEL: (+420) 602 171 192

Technical support for rail cable raceways
Štěpán Janovský 
TEL: (+420) 602 430 794

 Microtubes blowing - basic assemblies:

  • 3MT x 10mm, 4MT x 7mm, 5MT x 10mm, 10MT x 7mm
  • 1MT, 2MT, 3MT, either separately or additional blowing in according to the current state of the fiber optic cable
  • Further to these main assemblies, other optional packages according to the customer's requirements can be created , the limitation is given by the diameter of the HDPE protector and the appropriate installation of  microtubes

Basic technical equipment:

  • the Lancier pressure meter, to check the tightness of the HDPE and MT protectors
  • probe for fault detection by a locator to find the probe and metallic lines, a marker searcher
  • 5 types of blow devices that are used and always set according to the project needs
  • Atlas Copco 186 XAHS compressors
  • Off-road vehicles for operations in difficult site conditions
  • Catterpillar and roller excavators 3 -20t
  • oversized vehicles for materials and technology transfers