We are a turnkey supplier for construction of all types of cable networks. We are equipped not only by skilled workers with many years of experience, but also by the top-class technology and tools that allow professional construction and servicing of all types of cable networks.

OPTICS: We offer our customers any technology for connecting optical fibers (from welding in remote networks to mechanical connecting at the lowest network levels). Also, when choosing the technologies of optical connectors, cable chambers and reserves, we guarantee the optimal solution according to customer requirements.

METALLICS: we can take care of your metallic networks on a professional level for low frequency and high frequency symmetrical cables as well as coaxial cables. We are able to provide everything from proposal, new construction up to service.


Commercial activity – offers
TEL: (+420) 267 198 347

Technical support – Bohemia
Ing. Dalibor Mitana
TEL: (+420) 267 198 234

Technical support – Moravia
Ing. Pavel Procházka
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Commercial activity – offers
TEL: (+420) 267 198 347

Technical support – Bohemia
Michal Keselica
vedoucí střediska

TEL: (+420) 267 198 216

Technical support – Moravia
Vladimír Holík 
TEL: (+420) 602 171 192


    • proposal, project documentation and as-built drawings
    • engineering activities at all phases of preparation and implementation of the customer project
    • optical fiber connecting, installation in cassettes in the course of cable lines, and building of optical connectors for various types of cables
    • creating optical reserves in the course of the cable line
    • building optical switchboards and termination of optical cables with customer-defined passive optical interface
    • welding or connector making according to customer requirements
    • measurement of transmission parameters of optical lines by direct method, respectively reflectometry (OTDR – method of reverse scattering - for single-mode fibers and multi-mode fibers)
    • PMD or chromatic dispersion - CD that cause distortion and inter-symbol interference of transmitted digital signals
    • Distributed PMD measurement that allows accurate localization of part of a line with worsened or unsatisfactory parameters for the operation of transmission devices with a speed of 10 GBit / s or more at which the PMD plays a significant role for overall transmission quality
    • professional activities for emergency service
    • warranty and post-warranty service of optical lines

    For these activities, the Optical Cables Center has the most progressive equipment, such as automatic fiber optic welder with PAS (Profile Aligmnent System) technology for reciprocal setting of welding fibers core on core, automatic fiber optic welder in ribbon bands from 2 to 12 fibers, automatic meters of fiber decline by direct method with self-calibration, OTDR optical reflectors with a dynamic range, allowing to measure the optical fibers with length more than 100 km.


  • low frequency equalization
  • high frequency equalization (polling)
  • final measurement
  • installation and final measurement of coaxial cables operated by analogue and digital transmission systems
  • selection of pairs, installation and final measurement of symmetrical low frequency and high frequency cables operated by digital transmission systems
  • we provide DC and AC measurements and additional measurements according to the customer's requirements

the most common types of cable networks:

  • metallic cables with lead sheath and paper isolation
  • metallic cables with aluminum sheath and paper isolation
  • plastic cables with 3M terminal blocks technology and AMP technology

termination of all cables on conventional cable closing parts or new cables filled with grease at the closing parts with cut terminal blocks