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to protect new and existing cable lines. Installation without cutting off the cable in operation

    • low weight
    • easy and efficient installation
    • bending parts (15 °) - articulated connections
    • high load capacity (up to 700 kg)
    • Dimensions: 200/160 x 1,000 mm or 160/110 x 1,000 m

    A split tube is a suitable protection of an existing line that could be damaged and cannot be cut off, disconnected or replaced. The system has a load capacity of up to 700 kg when using 10 clips and its installation is fast and simple. Tubes have guide slats all along the entire length of the tube, the tube ends are socketed and it is very fast to snap in each and every part. There are 15 ° bend parts to build corners. The connection and fixation are done by means of clips that are attached to the side locks of the tube. Split tubes are available in red and white as standard.


They are supplied on drums or in rolls

The empty PE protective tubes allow fast and efficient cable raceways construction. The tubes are typically being laid during the ground works and they are therefore, prepared for the subsequent hauling or blowing other elements. Optical cables or microtubes can be blown into the tubes and optionally, the optical cable can be blown into the microtubes. This way the HDPE tube inner space is utilised up to 60%. This principle can easily increase the capacity of already installed lines and spread the investment cost according to the current needs.

  • HDPE basic type, color variants without or with stripes (25,32,40 and 50 mm)
  • LSPE type (low smoke)
  • HFFR type (halogen-free flame retardant)
  • dimensional series HFFR:
    16 x 1.8; 16 x 2.2; 25 x 2.3; 32/26; 32/27; 40/33; 50 / 40.8; 50 / 41.6
  • color versions of HFFR: basic performance in RAL 7040 grey, other colors at extra charge (3%), color strips (3%)
  • Polymeric lubrication (on request only) - Co-extruded smooth inner layer coating facilitates easier blowing or hauling the cable or microtube
  • additional surcharge for polymeric lubrication (8%), UV stabilization (18%), color strips (3%).


  • LSPE protectors are produced in Flammability class B and C1 according to invalid standard ČSN730862
  • the production of LSPE protectors will end in 2018 due to new EU directive on use of bromine compounds
  • LSPE protectors will be replaced by a new type of low smoke zero halogen tubes (LSOH) , which are now being introduced in the product portfolio


to protect telecommunication and power cable lines

They are made in 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 125, 160 and 200 mm dimensional series as flexible rolls in up to 50 m lengths or in 6 m bars. Range of application is from -5 ° C to +50 ° C. The system achieves a compressive strength of more than 450 N. When using adapters, the protectors can be used as transitions for multiduct cable raceways under specific conditions.