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Access cable chambers are an indispensable part of cable raceways. The chambers are mainly used to control, repair, replace or install new cables into existing cable ducts.

  • You can find a full range of proven and most frequently procured cable chambers in our basic product offer. Each CUBIS model series also includes the producer's datasheet that contains all the detailed information about all types of access chambers. Product datasheets that are part of our assortment can be found right below the technical document of each particular cable chamber.
  • The dimensional range and variability of the access chambers allows their using in various applications and their versatility can be demonstrated on the number of constructions already realized.
  • Plastic cable chambers are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a material that is tough, highly resistant to chemicals, easily machined, weldable, environmentally friendly, light etc. These properties along with life expectancy of 50 years are the biggest advantage of this product.
  • Cable chambers can almost be used in an unlimited way, as their installation does not require mechanization and is very easy.
  • The covers for the cable chambers are available in several versions. You can find plastic, concrete, ductile iron and steel covers with galvanized finish.
  • The steel covers can be locked using special screws and keys. Ductile iron, concrete and steel covers can be used for load class B 125 (125 kN, 12.5 t), which is suitable for pedestrian zones, passenger car ports and multilevel parking.
  • The plastic covers are suitable for surfaces with class load A 15 (15 kN, 1.5 t), for example for green zones, pedestrian and cyclist areas.

The interior of the shafts can be equipped with cable trays or cable holders according to customer requirements. Together with the Multiduct, the plastic chambers form a comprehensive progressive system for building new cable ducts. Their use in construction will not only save time and money, but also ascertains return on investment.



The Polyvault and Integral range offers a variety of dimensions. Polyvault chambers allow maximum depth up to 2820 mm. The body of the chambers is designed to withstand a high static load. For pavement installation, however, this series is not suitable because its maximum load corresponds to class B 125 (125 kN, i.e. 12.5 t).

The FORTRESS, MODULA, ULTIMA and ULTIMA Connect models are suitable for higher loads as they meet the D 400 load requirements (400 kN, 40 t). A special segment type C2 (1 310 x 610 mm) has been developed for road load, which allows for installation directly into roads. The installation of the plastic cable chamber is carried out on a concrete basis or on a modified gravel bed. The entries to the chambers can be made using a drill bit, a straight or motor saw, and the chambers can be installed on existing cable lines. For sealing of the penetrations, cement, mortar or concrete are used.